• Peat filter enables the use of less space-consuming (height and width) At-Grade Beds
    10-19″ SHWT & min 16″ Rock, size based on soil scientist loading rate
    >=20″LZ, based on perc rate (eligible for 40% area reduction)
  • “BTG” custom-fit REPAIRS – OFTEN THE ONLY FIT!
  • High-lignin, most durable, processed Irish peat (15 yr life expectancy, not sphagnum moss from Canada!)
  • Shallow profile poly modules (for high water table and bedrock)
  • Pressure-distributed to each module, time-dosed delivery
  • No moving parts within each module – PASSIVE TREATMENT
  • Each module is 24″ shallow profile.
  • Lid at surface outlines the extent underground – less likely to be crushed!
  • $/cubic yard of treatment fiber – BEST DEAL!
  • Ideal for SEASONAL USE


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