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Protect Your Sewage System With Regular Inspections and Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Mountain Wastewater Management provides Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plans for residential, commercial, large flow, and community sewage systems.

O&M service includes:

  • Maintenance, monitoring and minor repairs
  • Inspections of all tanks for structural integrity, solids accumulation, and irregulaties
  • Inspections of all system components and signs of unwanted water entry
  • Regular cleaning of effluent filters
  • Reports to you and agencies (as requested), with phone call updates

O&M of your wastewater treatment system helps to protect your real estate investment.

By early detection of problems, our goal is to prevent malfunctions. Your preventative program and O&M records can help you to be permit compliant and ready for property resale.

Our team provides septic and sewage system inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting.

We are manufacturer trained and authorized to service American Manufacturing Company “PercRite” drip dispersal systems, Puraflo and EcoFlo peat biofilter systems, and Jet & Norweco aerobic treatment units (ATUs).

Sewage Management Programs

Mountain Wastewater Management can help municipalites to implement their “Sewage Management Program,” as required by DEP for most land developments undergoing Planning Module approvals. This can be on a project-specific basis. At no cost to the municipality, we offer template Owner-Municipality Agreements and Service Provider contracts.

Types of Systems

Mountain Wastewater Management provides annual contracts to inspect and maintain a variety of different systems. Here is a list of systems we can inspect, fix, and maintain.

  • Ecoflo peat & coco biofilters
  • Puraflo peat fiber biofilters
  • American drip dispersal systems
  • Micromound drip systems
  • Eljen GSF systems
  • Orenco AdvanTex systems
  • Purasys SBR
  • Jet ATUs and Norweco ATUs
  • Time Dosing Controllers
  • Sand Filters
  • Disinfection (UV & chlorine, including lab tests)
  • Elevated Sand Mound Beds
  • AB systems
  • At Grade Bed systems
  • IRSIS (spray)
  • Stream discharge systems (SFTF)
  • Retro repairs

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