The AMERICAN RSF utilizes age-old technology and EPA recirculating sand filter standards to provide advanced secondary treatment to primary treated effluent. The primary treated effluent can be pumped or flow by gravity to a Recirculation/Pump tank. Tank is sized for 0.5 to 1.5 days peak design flow. Effluent is pumped to the sand filter on a timed basis via duplex alternating pump system. Pumps are effluent rated turbine pumps situated inside our patented Cool Guide (laminar flow collar). Recirculation rates, pump run times, and pump rest times are adjustable. The effluent is distributed through hydraulically activated sequencing valves, which direct effluent to a manifold and onto a series of evenly spaced parallel PVC laterals with pre-drilled orifices. A series of under drains collects the treated effluent. The American RSF recirculation technique allows for various recirculation rates including a 100% recirculation option during periods of low flow.

  • RSF’s are aerobic fixed film bioreactors
  • Most materials can be purchased locally
  • Excellent BOD, TSS, & Nitrate Reduction for domestic & High Strength Wastewater
  • Used for broad range of applications including single-family residences, small or large commercial establishments, and small communities.
  • Can be used as a repair or new construction
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation


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