Mountain Wastewater can assist the system designer by sizing the “Hot Rocks RMF” unit, and providing drawings. We deliver the controller, pumps, fittings, and liner to the project site. The installer supplies aggregate, PVC, labor. and basic materials. MWM oversees the installation by providing training to the installer. We offer a maintenance program to the property owner.

Mountain Wastewater uses American Manufacturing Company equipment.

“Recirculating Media Filter” (RMF) is an age-old technology, based on EPA research and specifications. Hot Rocks RMF provides secondary treatment to primary treated effluent. RMFs are used in commercial applications to reduce BOD and total nitrogen. Operator adjustments can be made to alter the recirculation ratio. This technology uses a cycle of aerobic, anaerobic and aerobic bacterial treatment. Hot Rocks RMF is an economical approach to meet water quality goals in sensitive watersheds for camps, RV parks, mini-markets, restaurants, taverns, and lodging.


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